Screw Press replaces centrifuge: Successful operation of a HUBER Screw Press RoS3Q 440 on WWTP Gleißenfeld

The sewage treatment plant Gleißenfeld of the local municipal water authority Mittleres Pittental is located between the villages of Gleißenfeld and Seebenstein, not far from the back of a mountain called "Türkensturz", which means "fall of the Turks". It was in 1532 that invading Turkish horsemen were stopped by enraged farmers and rushed up the back of the mountain where they fell down this steep rock formation.

The heart of the water authority Mittleres Pittental in Scheiblingkirchen is the central sewage treatment plant in Gleißenfeld. The plant is designed for a size of 6,500 PE and operated as an activated sludge plant. The biological surplus sludge is stored in two accordingly sized sludge storage tanks and thickened to about 3%. 

The sewage treatment plant lies on the right bank of the river Pitten, the headstreams of which originate in the Wechsel region. The river Pitten flows through the hill land "Bucklige Welt" and near Seebenstein becomes part of the nature park Seebenstein-Türkensturz.

Until 2013, the sludge on WWTP Gleißenfeld was dewatered in a centrifuge. In spring 2013, the plant operators solicited several quotations as it had become necessary to substantially overhaul the centrifuge because of natural wear. In addition, the wastewater authority contacted HUBER SE to investigate whether to replace the centrifuge with a suitable and efficient state-of-the-art screw press.

To come to a decision they determined to carry out trials on site with the focus on final dry substance and polymer consumption. The wastewater authority tested also products of other suppliers.

The HUBER trial unit achieved the by far best results of all. The customer was not only impressed by the highly professional test series but also by the final dry substance content achieved by the HUBER machine which was one of their major criterion for decision. The DS results were partly even better than the dewatering results achieved by their centrifuge.

In the end, we could convince them all of the mature technique, functionality and economic efficiency of our screw press: the responsible representatives of the local water authority Mittleres Pittental, but especially the site manager of WWTP Gleißenfeld, Mr. Arthofer, and the chairman of the authority, mayor Johann Lindner. 

Maximum availability, minimum operating costs and low investment costs as well as the impressive number of reference installations plus the excellent test results were the facts that finally lead to their decision to buy the HUBER product. Furthermore, also their confidence into the high-quality HUBER products gained from previous experiences with a HUBER Complete Plant Ro5 they have operated on WWTP Gleißenfeld for many years contributed to their decision.

The existing plant components on site, such as the polymer conditioning plant and sludge discharge and loading system, were integrated into the overall concept of the HUBER Screw Press RoS3Q 440 operation.

The scope of supply ordered by the water authority included the screw press RoS3Q 440, flocculation reactor, injection and mixing unit, thin sludge pump and electrical control system. All pipelines and fittings necessary for the fully automatic operation of the plant were adjusted accordingly – a successful example of an economically efficient and cost-effective overall solution for the local water authority Mittleres Pittental.

After completion and successful start-up the new sludge dewatering plant HUBER Screw Press RoS3Q 440 could be handed over to the water authority.

Not only the operating staff but also the chairman of the municipal wastewater authority are highly satisfied with the plant and sure to have received from HUBER SE not only a high-quality but also absolutely state-of-the-art dewatering machine.

Simply a perfectly tailored, top quality sludge dewatering solution – in the long run certainly the right and also best decision for the water authority.

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