First HUBER Solar Active Dryer SRT installation in the USA

HUBER USA successfully placed its first solar sewage sludge dryer on the market. The dryer will be installed on WWTP Tooele, Utah. Along with the growing interest in ecological technologies in the USA also drying of sewage sludge with the use of cost-free solar energy has become popular. HUBER received the order to supply 3 sludge turning systems size SRT 11 to this site which is situated in a very dry region about 40 kilometres from Salt Lake City, 1500 metres above sea level. The machines are planned to be delivered at the end of the year to the sewage treatment plant for the municipality’s 30,000 residents.

The basis for the successful order was a visit of the HUBER reference installation on WWTP Marktbergel, Germany. The engineering office and HUBER had already developed a trustful relationship as they have cooperated in a lot of previous projects. They already knew about the high quality and reliability of HUBER machines from these projects. When they experienced live the benefits of the SRT dryer, it was clear for them that they would get the best technology available on the market.

They also plan to build a new sludge dewatering system so that the customer will get the complete sludge treatment line from one source. The dewatering system will consist of two ROTAMAT® Screw Press RoS 3Q units. Contrary to our competitors, the electrical controls of our components – dewatering, feed screws, sludge turner – are coupled. As a result, the SRT 11 machines are able to turn the freshly dewatered sludge into the sludge bed within only 20 minutes. Phases of several hours without any sludge turning are eliminated. The whole process – dewatering, continuous feeding and processing by the sludge turner, drying, and granulate discharge – goes off fully automatically.

At the planned start-up date in spring 2012, the plant with the HUBER machines will go into regular service. Both HUBER and the planning engineers expect the project to become a reference that will generate follow-up orders.

Facts and figures:

  • Products: 3 SRT 11 units
  • Length: 100 m, width: 12 m
  • Throughput: 5500 t pressed sludge is dried from 18 % DR to 75 % DR