A HUBER Technology Wastewater Case Study at Uttoxeter STW for Severn Trent Water

HUBER Belt Thickener DrainBelt - Sludge Thickener
HUBER Belt Thickener DrainBelt - Sludge Thickener
HUBER Belt Thickener DrainBelt schematic drawing
HUBER Belt Thickener DrainBelt schematic drawing

HUBER Technology recently completed a project for Severn Trent Water at Uttoxeter STW, between Derby and Stoke on Trent. HUBER Technology were engaged on the project in 2019 with the project being installed in late 2021 and then commissioned later that year.

This project was part of the upgrade to the site at Uttoxeter to improve the sludge thickening on site and follows the successful installation of a pair of HUBER DB units at Cannock STW.

HUBER Technology Supplied

  • 1x HUBER Sludge Gravity DrainBelt Thickener DB 1.0 complete with polymer dosing system and thick sludge discharge pumps


The primary objective was to improve the sludge thickening on site by the provision of a new gravity belt thickener.


For the sludge thickening the sludge was a SAS and the requirement for the throughput was 35.4m3/hr at a thickness of 0.3 - 1% D.S. A dry solids of >6% was required for the outlet. The solution also included the provision of the polymer dosing system.

Product Profile

The HUBER Belt Thickener DrainBelt is especially designed for sludges with poor settling properties:

  • Minimised coagulant consumption due to efficient distribution
  • Constant thickening result due to the long sludge residence time on the filter belt
  • Increased thickening results due to a ramp installed to decelerate the sludge prior to being discharged
  • A variety of filter belt qualities to meet specific

 “Early involvement with contractor and using the lessons we had learnt on the Cannock project enabled us to quickly develop a solution for this project to suit the thickening requirements needed, Severn Trent Water should hopefully see the huge benefit this technology brings to the downstream process very quickly.”

Richard Willis-Area Manager

For more information please contact Rachael Harvey 01249 765000, email Rachael.Harveyhuber.couk